Calvary Church provides live real time streaming for all of our Sunday morning services (8:10, 9:40 & 11:15 Eastern time). Audio is available during all three services, and video is live at 9:40 and 11:15am.

You may also watch/listen or download previous sermons on our Sermons pages. Entire sermon series can be selected by choosing the appropriate tab on the left, or try using the search tool at the top. If you would prefer a CD of the sermon, contact Technical Services at 956-9377 and provide the necessary information.

In addition to these resources, our Senior Pastor Jim Samra often posts additional thoughts about the week’s topic on the blog he hosts with his wife, Olives and Coffee. Join us there this week.

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September 2014

JOURNEY OF FAITH: The End of the Story

Dr. Jim Samra  September 21, 2014, Sunday AM

Stepping Out of the Boat, A Journey of Faith

Tom Olsson  September 14, 2014, Sunday AM

Journey of Faith

Dr. Jim Samra  September 7, 2014, Sunday AM